23 February 2022

NZ Zionist Whores

Imagine if you will a group of people so disgusting..they have to enact laws making it illegal to hate them!

Pretty rich considering Israel has perhaps hundreds of nuclear warheads, all totally unmonitored by the world community (like EVERYONE ELSE!!!)


Israelis press U.S. not to rejoin Iran nuclear deal

Immigration New Zealand enlists cyber-mercenaries banned from Facebook to covertly collect data

Cobweb Technologies is an Israeli internet surveillance company implicated in abuses of privacy rights, targeting of journalists, activists, opposition politicians and government officials around the world. A real bad egg.
It’s no surprise the company was started by members of the Israeli Defence Force which has been implicated in widespread abuses in surveillance of Palestinians, the most surveilled population in the world.
However, Radio New Zealand revealed earlier this month that the Aotearoa New Zealand Immigration Ministry is using Cobweb Technologies for internet surveillance, despite Cobweb’s history of abusing human rights.
Meta, the owner of Facebook and multiple other social media platforms, kicked Cobweb Technologies and six other surveillance companies off all their platforms last year after a months-long investigation into the activities of what they describe as "cyber mercenaries".
Meta’s report says:~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
“Given the severity of their violations, we have banned them from our services…We also alerted around 50,000 people who we believe were targeted by these malicious activities worldwide…”
“Our investigation identified customers in Bangladesh, Hong Kong, the United States, New Zealand, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Poland, and other countries. In addition to targeting related to law enforcement activities, we also observed frequent targeting of activists, opposition politicians and government officials in Hong Kong and Mexico”~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This government’s use of Cobweb Technologies makes a mockery of the Prime Minister’s leadership of the “Christchurch Call” which is pressuring social media platforms like Facebook to act against those who assist in the abuse of human rights, while itself employing a known human rights abusing company.

It's not only bad, it's disgustapting, fascism learned from the best SMFH!

Fashionable Fascism Dominates the Scene

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