8 May 2024



Yesterday was the start of a genocidal bloodbath in Gaza. After rejecting a ceasefire proposal accepted by Hamas yesterday, the Israeli military forced Palestinian families to flee their tents in eastern Rafah, dropped bomb after bomb in western Rafah, and stormed the Rafah crossing, cutting off any access to humanitarian aid entirely.

Palestinian people in Gaza who are living through this genocide have a clear ask of us. They see that the student intifada protests are building real pressure not only for university divestment, but also on the U.S. government.

So they’re calling out: Escalate your actions for Gaza NOW.

As tanks roll into Rafah, over one million starving and scared people are huddled there, many after coming there from being forced out of their homes. Some were given just hours to flee — and even before that unreasonably small window of time had elapsed, the IDF started raining down bombs.

This isn’t about self-defense. This isn’t about making anyone in Israel, Palestine, or anywhere safe. If Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu proceeds down this path families will have to choose between being torn apart by explosives or pushed across the border and likely permanently displaced.

Come on everybody, can you say it!!!  I CAN'T HEAR YOU!
Fuck this shit!!

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