25 June 2022

National Embarrassment!!!

The United States Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade.

  • With this horrific ruling, the Court’s majority has taken away women’s autonomy over their bodies.
  • They have invalidated the human rights, bodily autonomy, and dignity of every person in this country who is or could become pregnant.
  • Abortion bans and severe restrictions on access to abortion will go into effect in many states, criminalizing the seeking and provision of health care.
  • Abortion bans will force pregnant people to seek abortions in unsafe conditions. Some will be injured or even die as a result.
  • Abortion bans will force some people to proceed with unwanted pregnancies — with dramatic, life-altering impacts.
  • The direct human harms and needless personal tragedies that follow directly from abortion bans will concentrate very heavily among low-income people and people of color.
  • And — as Justice Clarence Thomas admits in his concurring opinion — the Court’s majority has opened the door to reversing major precedents safeguarding marriage equality, sexuality, and contraception.

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